The Princess and the Unicorn

St Enda's National School, Whitefriar Street, Dublin 8, 14 September 2009
Once upon a time there was a princess. Her name was Princess Rebecca. She had a best friend who was a colourful unicorn named Lizabella.

They were in a castle having a chat about nature.

“Look at the rainbow. It’s nice and colourful, just like you,” said Princess Rebecca.

“Thank you,” said Lizabella.

Then Lizabella saw a ladybird.

The ladybird said to the princess, “You are a very nice princess.”

Lizabella suddenly saw the witch in the forest-park outside the castle.

“Rebecca, Rebecca. Be careful! There’s a witch in the forest-park!” Lizabella shouted.

“AHHHHHHH,” screamed the Princess.

She saw the witch was holding a wand, but she dropped it. Princess Rebecca quickly jumped to get it.

She called Lizabella.

“Come here,” she said.

Princess Rebecca jumped on Lizabella’s back and they ran away.

The witch hopped on her broom and followed.

Lizabella ran and she ran and she ran but then the princess fell off the unicorn.

They landed at the prince’s house. She was only hurt a little bit...