The Princess and the Mermaid

Scoil Mhuire's Iosaf GNS, 1st Class, 2nd March 2009
Once upon a time, there was a Princess called Vanessa. Her greatest wish was to be more beautiful. Her best friend was a mermaid called Sarah.

The Princess was in her castle. She was wondering what Sarah the mermaid was doing.

She needed to pick apples, so she went for a walk in the forest.

But the monster was in the forest. Princess Vanessa was afraid of the monster.

As she was walking she saw the monster. She ran back to the castle without any apples.

As she was running she stepped in a puddle and got all muddy.

She went home and ran in the front door. The witch locked the door.

“HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!” said the witch.

“You’re never going to leave this castle until you’re free.” ....