The Prince Who Had A New Castle

St. Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class
Once upon a time there was a Prince Dwarf who never ever found a girl. He had a best friend named Ultimate X. He was a weird alien from Scotland. He was big and tall and only ever wore a skirt.

Prince Dwarf had a castle that was full of mice.  It was his worst nightmare. That’s why he wanted a new castle. The King & Queen said he could have a new castle if he slayed a dragon. But he didn’t want to because all the dragons were nice.

One night Prince Dwarf stood on a table screaming for help because there were mice in his bed.

“Ouch!! They bit my toe, they’re gonna eat me!” he screamed.

The next day Ultimate X came by and he was still standing on the table screaming.

Ultimate X said “Get over it, they’re just mice.”

There was a new dragon in the kingdom and he was really mean. Prince Dwarf decided he would slay the mean dragon...