The Potato Peeler

St Catherine’s Senior Girls’ School, 5th Class, 28th February 2019

Once upon a time there was a homeless potato that wanted to be famous.

His name was Patatoe. He was rejected by everyone.

His parents died by becoming fries by McDonalds.

Then he got struck by lightning! He became depressed. It was on the news.

One day Patatoe tripped over Timmy the tomato and from that day on he feared all tomatoes.

One day he joined the choir and he was noticed for his singing talent.

He started singing on the streets for money.

Then along came Timmy the tomato and stole all his money!

Patatoe started to chase the tomato and they ran into a dark alley.

“GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!” screamed Patatoe.

“NEVER!” said Timmy the tomato with an evil laugh.

The tomato whipped out a potato peeler…