Potato Incognito

St Brigid's GNS, Cabinteely, 6th Class
Alexander III, a potato, was having a luxurious gravy bath on his plate.

He was exfoliating himself with bits of butter and salt. His best friend, The Butternator, was disgusted.

His father, Alexander II, came in and gave out to him for not eating all his Yvonne egg with his dinner. 

Suddenly a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed Alexander II! It was Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald laughed his evil clown laugh. “Mwa-ha-ha-ha! I’ll make your dad into a curly fry at my restaurant!”

Ronald didn’t realise that potatoes can understand people. Alexander III ripped off his skin and out came his spider-legs and his Spider-Spud costume. Ronald McDonald shrieked and flinched back. He dropped Alexander II by accident and stepped on him!

As he was leaving he walked away humming the McDonald’s song.

“McDonald’s! McDonald’s! Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut!”

“NOOOOOOO!” howled Alexander III, collapsing to the floor.

The Butternator came out of the bathroom and asked “How long was I in the bathroom, mon?” in his finest Jamaican accent. “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that darn broccoli, mon. Hey, mon, do you know your Dad’s squished on the floor?” Then he see Alexander II’s eyeball.

Alexander III spent the next three days in his bedroom, huddled over Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food and cookie dough.

The Butternator’s father used to be Alexander II’s sidekick. So now it was time for The Butternator to become Alexander III’s sidekick. He went to Alexander III’s bedroom and said “Snap out of it, mon, you downing my vibes, mon! And gimme some of that cookie dough!” ...