Porky’s Getaway

Realt na Mara GNS, Donacarney​, 4th Class, 23rd January 2019

Once upon a time there was a flying pig called Porky. He lived on a farm.

Porky really loved the farm, but he overheard the people there. They were really poor and they were going to eat him.

Porky had big dreams and when the others heard them, they laughed at him.

Porky’s best friend lived on a farm near him and he wanted to run away there. His friend was named Cali the Cow and he was really nice.

Porky figured out the family was going to eat him tomorrow.

He had to try and escape to Cali’s farm. He decided to try to steal the farmer’s tractor.

The farmer was feeding other animals and Porky ran out to the gate.

The farmer spotted Porky and his wing got stuck in the gate.

The farmer caught him and locked Porky in a cell. He felt sad and lonely.

Suddenly, a bird flew in the gap in the cell.

The bird helped Porky make a hole in the cell.

“Hi Porky, I’ve seen that you have been stuck in the cell for a few days, and I came here to help you,” the bird said.

“Okay, so what is the plan?” asked Porky.

The bird was going to collect some sticks and leaves to help Porky dig a hole out.

“We are going to need Cali’s help,” said Porky.

He realised he was still in the cell and needed to get Cali. Porky sent the bird over to Cali with a message.

The message read: Will you sneak out of your farm and help me get out of this cell!

While the bird was sending over the message, the farmer arrived to the cell.

He said, “We are going to have to eat you now!”

Porky tried to fly away but the farmer caught his leg…