Poppy And Her Friend

Holy Child National School, Whitehall, 2nd Class, 24th September 2012
One day there was a fairy called Poppy.

Poppy had a purple dress and her hair was brown with a bit of purple in it. 
Poppy had no family.  She lived with her pets.  She had four of them: Daisy the dog, Max the puppy, Fred the turtle and Shelly the albino tortoise.

Poppy’s best friend was Piggy the Wiggy, he was a piglet who loved to wiggle.

“You are the best wiggler!” said Poppy the fairy to her best friend. “You should go to a dance competition.”

“Yeah, I like to wiggle,” Piggy the Wiggy replied. “so I should go to the show.”

The pig was wiggling and was looking very happy.

When Poppy and Piggy got to the show, they saw a big snow leopard. He was huge and had lots of white fur. His eyes were also huge and one was black and the other was blue.

Poppy screamed when she saw the snow leopard. “Help! I feel like fainting and I think I’m going to have a heart attack!”

Piggy the Wiggy ran over to help his friend but the audience at the show thought it was an act and that the snow leopard wasn’t really dangerous...