A Pope, A Merman and A Freckle

Scoil Mhuire, Sandymount, 6th Class, 3rd October 2012
Once upon a face there was a freckle named Fregly. He was a cheeky freckle.

Fregly lived on the left cheek of Frank the merman who lived in a fishtank in Atlantis. Frank’s favourite thing was gossiping with Fregly about his one love, Patricia the Pope.

“Oh Fregly, her eyes are as blue as the water of this fishtank, her hair is the colour of rotting seaweed. Her voice sounds like waves crashing against a rock. Oh Fregly, she doesn’t even know I exist. How will I get her to notice me?”

Fregly said, “That is beautiful, mon. I have a plan, mon. I will travel to Patricia’s face, mon, and convince her to go on a date with you, mon.”

“Why do you keep saying ‘mon’?” said Frank. 
“Because I’m Jamaican, mon” replied Fregly. “Wish me luck, mon” he said and jumped off Frank’s cheek.

Fregly hitched a lift on the face of a clownfish who swam to the surface of the tank.

From there he jumped onto the face of a man who had stopped to look at the fishtank.

“How am I going to get to Patricia?” he wondered. “She lives in the most heavily guarded fishtank in the whole of Atlantis.”

For the next two months Fregly travelled from face to face, hoping to find the one that would bring him to Patricia. Some faces were big, some were small, some were chubby and some had no character at all.

He landed on a model, an actor, a make up artist and a superhero.

He landed on a comedian and shared some jokes.

He landed on a marathon runner who couldn’t run because he smokes.

None of these, though, were able to get into Patricia’s fish tank.

Fregly was about to give up all hope when something unusual happened.

Because the marathon runner was so sweaty, Fregly slipped off his face and fell to the floor.

This was the first time he had ever been without a face. He felt lonely and lost.

He was afraid that someone would think he was a piece of dirt and throw him in a bin.

“Please mon, somebody help me, mon...” he cried.