Poosh’s Great Escape

St Attracta’s NS, 2nd class, County Wicklow, 31st January 2019

One Tuesday Poosh was sitting at home on a couch watching Tom&Jerry on TV.

Suddenly he sneezed and his friend BBJ the duck appeared. Poosh screamed.

BBJ said: “Ronald the chicken is outside trying to capture us.”

Just then they heard a pecking noise on the window and they knew it was Ronald.

They ran out the back door to get away from Ronald, but he was such a gigantic chicken that he could step right over the house.

“Quick, call the authorities!” shouted Poosh.

BBJ called the secret services and they arrived instantly and jumped out of their car.

To help the secret services Poosh pulled out his guitar and made a really loud screeching noise.

This made Ronald run around in circles and get dizzy.

Then all his feathers fell off and he was naked.

He was so embarrassed that he tried to cover up and the secret services caught him.

Poosh’s guitar had broken in to pieces. Poosh sighed and said: “I wish I could be a famous guitar player, but now I have no guitar.”

Suddenly in a big poof of smoke a wizard appeared …