Poor Old Larry

Dingle - Feile Na BealtaineScoil Ignaid Rís AND Bunscoil an Chlochair 6th Class

One day Brittany went to the garage with her dad.  

They saw a red Nissan Micra and it was 70 years old and it have chrome printing saying ‘Betsy’ on the side.

They looked in the boot and Larry the Lover was in there.

After a while they went to the man at the counter and said “How much for the car?”

Larry the Lover gave her the car for free because he liked her.

After that she realized she was afraid of him.

She stepped back and tripped and dropped her phone and when she picked it up there was a huge crack on it.

“I have to get a new Iphone X” she said.

Then she went home and told Squishy.

Squishy had a head and two feet and hands, but no body.

His head was shaped like a duck and he was pink.

After she told Squishy he said: “Let’s celebrate the new car by going to MacDonalds to get a Happy Meal.”

Brittany saw Larry the Lover and got such a fright that she crashed the car into MacDonalds…