Pole Pole Pole

Culture 2
Bob the triangle lives in the forest in a house made of fruit, oranges.  His friend, Arthur the angry angle lives two trees away. 

He has eyebrows that are sharp and point downwards and a yellow tongue from eating too much chicken curry.  

Bob goes for a walk and  he can hear RAH RAH RAH booming from Arthur’s house.  

Bob says, “here we go again, why is Arthur angry.” 

Bob looks through the window and sees Arthur shouting at the TV, but he is afraid to go in because it’s the World Cup and the referee is on the screen. Bob is afraid of referees because one time when he was playing football, the referee shouted at him and was mean to him. 

“What are you doing here?” says Arthur through the window.  

“Just chilling” says Bob.  “Pole pole pole. Nice TV.”

Arthur starts messing with the remote control and Sponge Bob comes on.  “Turn it back, I want to see Messi,” said Bob. “He’s a legend.”

Then Arthur turns it back but its half time.  A competition comes on and the winner gets  to meet Messi when he comes to play in Ireland with Shelbourne. 

The announcer says, “the competition question is: what is the itchiest part of a triangle?”  Is it (a) a right angle (b) the top angle (c) none of the above, they never get itchy.

Arthur shouts, “RAH RAH RAH, it’s always about you, Bob.”  Arthur has angle envy because Bob has three angles.

“This is my big chance, I know the answer…..