Podgy’s Big Adventure

St Kevin’s Girls National School, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24, 4th class, 12 June 2018

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there lived a squirrel called Podgy.

He called his friend Squiggle the worm one morning to talk about his greatest wish.

“Hello!” said Podgy. “I just wanted to tell you about my greatest wish because it’s my birthday soon.

I really want supergoggle-vision eyes because they are so cool and you can see everything. Hint hint.”

“I kind of want the super goggle vision eyes, but I REALLY REALLY want to meet Jeff the fire-breathing meatball.

I want to confront my fear,” added Podgy.

“Maybe on your birthday you might wake up with supergoggle-vision eyes,” said Squiggle the worm. “My greatest wish is a rainbow fish.”

They hung up and met up at the magical rainbow fountain to help Podgy face his fear of Jeff the fire-breathing meatball.

Podgy and Squiggle stood in the fountain, said a magic word and fell into the hole that suddenly appeared.

Then they turned into rainbow fish.

Squiggle said, “I wanted to own a rainbow fish -  not be one!”

A unicorn suddenly appeared and told them that the potions they needed to return to their usual forms were hidden around the rainbow lake.

The unicorn vanished and Jeff the fire-breathing meatball appeared laughing evilly …