Mount Anville Primary School, 4th Class, 19th November 2012
Once there was a flying pig named Porkchop. He loved flying around and burglering butchers.

He was 52 years old, and he wanted to dance gangnam style.

He regularly went to dance class with his best friend Sheena the annoying ostrich. Sheena could not stay quiet.

She was such a gagglebox. One minute she would be talking about the dictionary before rambling on about Ronaldo or waffling about her big egg.

Their dance instructor, Bob Rudy the frog, was mean because he couldn’t grow a mustache and become a real man. He was a lean, mean dancing machine.

One day in class, Porkchop asked Bob Rudy, “Can we learn to dance like PSY?”
Bob got really angry. He said, “I can dance better than him. This is my dance class. You can’t tell me what to do.”

He got so angry that Porkchop thought the whole room might explode. Sheena shows how to do gangnam style, and the dance instructor does explode. 
Porkchop said, “How will I ever learn to dance gangnam style?”