Piggy Learns to Fly

Realt na Mara Girls National School, Donacarney, Co. Meath, 2nd Class, 7 January 2020

Once upon a time there was a pig called Piggy. She had a best friend called Penny the Pig.

Piggy was at home on the farm, rolling around in the mud.

Piggy was very happy and excited rolling around in the mud but she always dreamed she could fly.

Penny came over and they played and rolled around in the mud together.

Penny asked, “What’s your greatest wish?”

“I would really like to fly,” Piggy said.

Penny started laughing. Piggy felt angry.

“It might just happen,” she said.

Penny said, “I’m leaving, you silly pig.”

Just then a wolf came to the pig pen.

“You should’ve thought about where you’re standing,” grumbled the wolf.

Piggy felt scared and nervous.

Piggy said, “Go away!” and then shouted, “Penny, come back!”

The wolf grabbed Piggy and took her to his house in the forest.

Meanwhile Penny heard Piggy screaming and went into the forest to look for her...