Piggy Land

Scoil Assaim BNS, 5th class, 4th December 2020

One day, Borge the pig was chilling in some mud, admiring Tony the pig. Tony was his crush.

Tony’s sister Jemima bumped into him and told him about the maths contest. 

The maths contest was being hosted by Borge’s maths teacher Karen.

The prize was a coupon for a night out with whoever you want. 

“This is my chance,” Borge said gleefully. 

The plan was, he was going to watch Tony for the whole day and see what her plans were.

Suddenly he bumped into Tony. He wanted to ask her to be his partner for the maths contest. 

Tony dropped her books and they both reached for them and touched snouts.

Borge thought to himself, “love at first sight!” 

Borge began to stutter and took a deep breath in and said in a squeaky voice, “d-d-d-do you w-w-wanna be my partner for the m-m-m-aths contest?”