Pig on Vacation

​Manulla National School, Mayo, Castle Bar 3rd/6th 19th April 2016

Patrick the Pig is eating his supper of vegetable scraps.

Suddenly an idea popped into his head.  

“I wonder what it is like in Africa”, thought Patrick the Pig to himself. 

“I could go and visit my friend George the Giraffe who lives there”,  thought Patrick. 

Farmer Frank opened Patrick’s cage and let him out into the farmyard.  
“Not ready yet, Patrick but you are looking nice and juicy!” said Farmer Frank.

Patrick the Pig had met his friend George at a travelling circus.  

“How am I ever going to get to Africa” he thought desperately.  

He squealed with delight as he noticed the cows being loaded into the trailer.

“I bet those cows are headed to the Market in Knock and I could maybe get a flight to Africa”.  

Patrick darts frantically to the trailer and manages to squeeze in between the cow’s hooves.

“Why are you in this trailer, Patrick?” said Cailin the Cow. Patrick jumps in fright.  

“I’m on my travels to Africa”, said Patrick…