Piff versus Eurowise

​Delgany NS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 07 November 2017

One day, Piff the Pufferfish was sorting through his hats.

He was in the sea dump, at the end of the coral reef.

He realised he had lost his beautiful, brilliant, majestic fedora.

He swam down to the bottom of the sea, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

He got so mad that he puffed up and floated back to the top again.

Percy the porpoise swam, squirming, up to him and said:

“Swim, swim, swim: Eurowise the clownfish is coming and he wants puffer-fish for lunch!

Quick, hide in my house before he gets here!”

“Oh no! Let’s go…” Piff whispered, scared that Eurowise would hear him.

Percy lived in a big clam shell inside the pink coral reef on the outskirts of Fish City.

They swam inside, and Percy made plankton salad and pickle sandwiches.

“Delicious! We just about got away!” Piff breathlessly said to Percy.

Or so thy thought: just then, they heard a noise outside…