The Pickle Pals Adventure

​Kilcoole NS, 6th Class, County Wicklow, 28th September 2017

Once upon a time there was a pickle called Paul the Pickle.

He lived in a universe called ‘The Kitchen’.

Every night strange creatures would sneak into the kitchen and cook chicken wings.

These creatures looked like clowns and were called ‘The Munchers’.

The reason why this scared Paul is because chicken wings are Paul’s greatest fear.

Although Paul fears chicken wings, his best friend Gerry the Gherkin loves them.

One night ‘The Munchers’, after cooking their chicken wings, took the pickle jars away with them.

This left Gerry and Paul behind without their families. The next morning Paul and Gerry woke up out of their jars and their families were gone.

They realised that they were still moist without their juice and they were shocked.

“Oh no, we must reunite with our families” Paul sqeaked.

They saw ‘The Munchers’ on the other side of the universe sharpening their knives…