Pickle and Doughnut’s Adventures

St. Colmcilles Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 10th January 2019

Once upon a time there was a meatball called Pickle. His dessert friend was called Doughnut.

Pickle’s greatest wish was to get to the Sauce Volcano.

He wanted to get to the volcano and put some sauce on himself because he’s a dry meatball.

Pickle liked stayed on his plate because he was scared of all giant humans.

Pickle thought the humans were outside the plate.

The only places he felt safe are on the plate and in his friend Doughnut’s hole.

One day, Pickle saw Doughnut with a big bite in him.

In a scared voice, Doughnut said, “I got bitten!”

Pickle the Meatball went over to see if Doughnut was okay. He got some bread and stuck it on the bite mark.

“Get off me!” cried Doughnut, but then he said, “Oh, actually, you fixed me.”

To say thank you, Doughnut took Pickle to Meatball Fun Land.

At Meatball Fun Land there was a French Fry Rollercoaster.

But unfortunately, there was also an evil human.

On the ride, Doughnut said to Pickle, “There are humans after us to eat us!”…