Philly and Barry

St Brendan’s Boys National School, Artane, 3rd Class, 19 November 2019

Once upon a time in St Brendan’s, there was a football called Philly.

One day, Philly got kicked over the wall and was lost in the bushes.

“I wish I had a human body, so I could hop over the wall -but I don’t,” said Philly sadly.

The next day, the boys and girls found Philly in the bushes.

They brought him back to St Brendan’s and left him on the pitch.

Suddenly, an eye opened in the grass.

“Hi Philly! Haven’t seen you in a little while,” said the voice coming from the grass.

“Hi Barry,” replied Philly. “How was your day?

Looks like you got a bit of a haircut from the lawnmower!” ...