Catherine McAuley National School, Baggot Street, 5th Class, 30th November 2012
Tommy the Chainsaw woke up in his shed. He had petroled himself for the third time this week dreaming about Terence the Tree.

His friend Hammy the hammer said, “Don’t worry about it.”

Tommy was afraid of Terence because the old chainsaw, Terry, had been broken trying to cut through Terence’s hard branches. 
“I’m petrol-fied about going into the forest. I’m afraid we will run into Terence the Tree!”

“Don’t worry,” said Hammy. “I know the farmer is just going to use you to cut down some hedges.”

Later on, the farmer came into the shed, picked up Tommy and threw him in the back of the pickup truck.

They drove into the forest and parked right beside the hedge. There were breaks in the hedges where there were some very old trees. 

“Don’t try and cut any of them down- they’re friends of Terence’s, “ said a voice. “The last time someone cut down one of them, Terence swore to get revenge.”

“Oh shreds! Who is that?” said Tommy.

“It’s me! I’m in the hedge!” said the little voice.

“Who are you? What are you? And how did you get in there?” asked Tommy.

“I’m Rex the Tomahawk. Terence the Tree threw me in here...”