Peter is in a Pickle

St. Laurence’s NS, Greystones​, 4th class, County Wicklow, 23rd May 2019

Once upon a jar, Pickle Peter was standing on another pickle trying to get out of the dreaded jar.

Steve the Olive, his best friend, was too weak to open the jar so Peter started using his shoulder to knock the jar over and break both his and Steve’s jar.

The person in the house was getting dinner ready so had Steve and Peter’s jars out on the counter.

Steve tried to talk to Peter but the glass was too thick.

Suddenly someone comes over and picks up Peter’s jar and knocks Steve’s container over.

The glass smashes!

Suddenly the cat comes into the room through the cat flap, fiercely and hungry for some delicious food.

Kim Jyong Chunkus is about to eat the olives but Steve gets up and runs.

The owner says “Hey get away from that Kim Jyong Chunkus, I’m going to use that food”.

Before the cat ran away he hissed menacingly at Steve.

The cat swings his tail as it jumps onto the chair knocking Peter into the fridge where the jar SMASHES…