Peter The Big Fat Chicken in the City

St Endas National School Whitefriar Street Dublin 8 2nd March 2011
Rasherneck and Peter The Big Fat Chicken were walking along the farm.

The farm was owned by Rasherneck Senior. 

He had banned dancing from the farm because when he was younger he injured himself while shuffling. 

Rasherneck Senior didn’t like Peter because Peter was always trying to dance.

One day, Peter and Rasherneck Junior tried to run away from the farm so that they could dance. Rasherneck Senior caught them both trying to escape.  He locked them both up in a barn.

Peter made a slide out the window and slid down to escape, but got stuck.

Rasherneck took fat from his own neck and rubbed it on the window to ease Peter out of the window.

Then, all of a sudden, a KFC van came and took Peter’s wife away to the city.

Peter jumped on the back of the van with Rasherneck on the back.

He wanted to find out exactly what was going on with the KFC van and where they were taking his wife…