Pencil Man and the Bad Glue Man

St. John Bosco JBS, 1st class, 28th May 2021

Someone was walking down the street and they saw a pencil and accidentally pricked himself with it and that’s how he became the Pencil Man.

He is the Pencil Man now and he is very strong and he is unstoppable. 

He is the superhero now and he has to defend the world from bad guys.

He has a sharp head. His friend Pencil Sharpener Man helped him sharpen his head. 

Pencil Sharpener Man has a sharpener on one side and a pencil on the other and he communicates through writing in the air.

Pencil Man has a rubber so he can rub out the air writing. 

He teamed up with Pencil Sharpener Man to defeat Glue Man.

Pencil Man’s drawings are magical and whatever he draws comes to life.

They went to defeat Glue Man...