Pea's Adventure

Cork Educate Together, Carrigaline, 1st Class, Fighting Words Cork, 01 June 2021

The Pea is in a vegetable bowl, ready to be cooked. A human tried to put him in a frying pan but Pea jumped out, doing his karate.

He jumps out of the frying pan and onto the floor. He tries to run away because he doesn’t want to be cooked.

He rolled into the living room.

They owned a toy lamborghini which was in the living room. He jumps into it and rides around.

He goes into the kitchen and then a little girl tries to catch him. Pea runs into his cereal box home to hide.

Then Pea gets out and rolls onto the girl’s face.

He karate chops her and the girl falls down.

Pea runs back into the lamborghini and drives out of the house.He drives with his friend to town and they realise it's a busy town.

He walked with his friend but he got scared because there was lots of people.

Pea is afraid of getting squished. 

Pea’s friend has blonde hair. His name is Mr. Bowtie and he is a piece of corn. They parked their car and went into a shop.

Mr. Bowtie saw that the people from the house were coming.

He saw a phone and called 999. He told Mr. Pea and they got back in the car.

They got stuck in traffic right behind the people from the house.

Mr. Pea drives really fast and goes into a mansion made of lego.

In the mansion they find that the door is locked behind them so they try to break the mansion to get out…