Pat The Pillow's Evil Plot

St Coen’s, Rathnew, 6th Class, 20th September 2016 

Kevin the Cat and Cabbage Boy were running from Pat the Pillow.

They were only a little bit ahead, and Pat the Pillow was throwing feathers at them. 

Kevin nearly ran in front of a car but Cabbage Boy pulled him back.

They were aiming to get into Cabbage Water Girl’s house, (she is Cabbage Boy’s wife). 

While they were running to her house for safety, Cabbage Boy said to Kevin the cat “I want some cabbage”. 

Kevin replied “I want Apache instead”. 

When they were finished talking they looked back and saw Pat the Pillow sitting on the street eating a family bucket of KFC. 

Pat the Pillow saw Kevin the Cat and Cabbage Boy looking at him so he pulled out a feather bow and shot a sharpened quill at them. 

Pa the Giant came in and saved Kevin and Cabbage Boy, but they ran into a corner. 

When they got to the corner they fell into an endless pit, and all they could hear was their own screams. Kevin the Cat saw a light at the end.

Cabbage Boy fell first into a pool of water and Pa the Giant, with Kevin the Cat in his hand, fell on top of Cabbage Boy. 

“Where are we?” said Cabbage boy.

“Look!” Kevin the Cat looked up and saw Pat the Pillow pulling a lever with an evil laugh.

The lever activated a pistol which shot out a flaming arrow. The arrow landed underneath the pit of water, igniting a bonfire and the water began to boil...