Pat the Dog and the Adventure of the Magic Beans

The Neale NS, Mayo, 4th Class, 27th May 2021

Pat the Dog lived in Mexico. He loved beans. But not just any beans, jumping beans.

His greatest wish was to get the magic tin of beans from the Temple of Bean Sauce on top of Mount Everest.

His Monday started off terribly. He was out in the garden running around when he saw a bobcat tail. 

Suddenly, Felix the Fat Feline jumped out of the bush.

He wasn’t much help because his big belly stopped him from getting through the bush. Felix’s chubby face was lying out of the bush.

“What are you doing here?!” exclaimed Pat the Dog. 

“By the way, you are a great help,” Pat the Dog said, sarcastically. 

Felix decided to have a snooze. “Can you get me a Mexican chicken burrito?” he said to Pat.

Pat went to get the burrito and whipped cheese at cars on the way. Then Pat saw two bobcats sitting outside the shop.

“We’re going to have you for dinner tonight,” they said and jumped at Pat.

“Help! The bobcats are closing in on me,” roared Pat...