The Passage to the Party

4th Class. Rathdown Junior School, Dun Laoghaire
Lucy and Caitlin are in the middle of gym class, talking to each other. Caitlin says to Lucy ”Are you going to the party tonight?”

“I’m not sure…there might be those mean girls at the party, plus I have to go out with my family. Would you like to come? We are going bowling” replies Lucy.

Suddenly the teacher blows the whistle and pulls the two girls aside. “You two have not been participating so I’m sending you to the principal’s office”.

The girls go to the changing room, they change back into their school uniforms and go to the principal’s office. 

When they leave school that day Caitlin says to Lucy “That was pure torture! I can’t believe we had to go to detention just because we were talking”.

“I’m with ya sista!” Lucy says.

They arrive back at Lucy’s house and Lucy’s mum asks them in a raging voice “Why are you so late? I’ve been worried sick about you!”.

“We, we… eh, we had detention” the girls reply in a small, frightened voice.

“I’m very disappointed in you Lucy – you’re not allowed to go bowling with your brother tonight…say goodbye to your friend Caitlin. Now get up to your room THIS INSTANT!”

Lucy whispers to Caitlin “Now that we don’t have to go bowling come back at half seven, dressed up and ready to go to the party”.....