Pandacorn’s Big Adventure

Galway Educate Together National School, 4th Class, 13 April 2018

Pandacorn was walking down Rainbow Lane and spotted a lion. The lion’s name was Fred.

“What’s up?” asked Pandacorn.

Fred started to drool and sang a song: “I woke up this morning and sat on a log. I looked at the menu and the menu said ‘Panda’.”

Pandacorn told him, “But you can’t eat me, I’m a Pandacorn. If you eat me my horn will spike your insides!”

“Let’s go to the enchanted forest instead,” Fred suggested.  “There’s going to be a concert. The Real Slam Shady is performing!”

“Cool! Will he sing his number one single, ‘I’m The Real Slam Shady’?”

“Yes, let’s go so,” said Pandacorn.

It was a free concert, but they had to go through an obstacle course to get in.

The obstacles were walking across a tightrope, a pie- eating contest, archery, solving a riddle and karaoke.

​Pandacorn and Fred got through the first four obstacles with no problems, but then the time came for the karaoke.

“Oh no, I can’t do this!” said Fred.

Pandacorn said, “No worries, I CAN do this. Is there anything you can do?”

“I think I could rap it,” said Fred.

“Perfect! Let’s go for it,” said Pandacorn.

They got through and landed in the enchanted forest.

There’s was giant crowd and it was really loud.

Pandacorn started to fart glitter because he was so excited.

Pandacorn spotted Geraldine’s horn peeping out of the pond.

“OMG, there’s Geraldine!” shouted Pandacorn as he keeled over while farting glitter.

Fred started to panic - he hates glitter, but…