Pablo the Finch

Carrabane NS, Athenry Co. Galway, 5th class, Fighting Words Galway 05 November 2021

“Hello, I’m Pablo the finch. My best friend is Chilly the unicorn. I like stealing projectors.

I’m on a train, on the way to a classroom. I’m on my way to steal a projector, but it’s harder than you think!

I’m secretly a unicorn, but don’t tell anyone!!! I’m a Russian spy and I would like the projector for watching movies.

Now I’ve made it to the classroom, and I’m not going to leave until I get the projector.”

Then the classroom got hit by a meteor!

“Now I’m wondering why 22 children are praising me. There was a natural disaster and now Chilly the unicorn has arrived so now we can steal the projector.

I guess I was lucky because the projector was the last thing standing. Now the fire brigade is coming. Well I better get this projector quick!”...