Pablo and Juan’s Great Adventure

Gorey ETNS​, 5th class, County Wicklow, 7th November 2018

Once upon a time, a man called Juan, was building a house.  He looked around and saw a squirrel.

“Oh, you’re a pleasant looking squirrel, I’m going to call you Plonky!”  Juan said throwing him a few peanuts.

But just then he saw a flying brick that hit the squirrel and injured it.  The squirrel ran off towards a hut, which belonged to the architect, Pablo.

The squirrel started scratching the door to get in and Pablo came out.  He started dancing straight away.  With that the squirrel ran away.

“Why are you dancing?” asked Juan.

“I saw a squirrel!” replied Pablo.

“But it’s just a squirrel!” said Juan.

“I love squirrels so much it just makes me want to dance” replied Pablo.

While they were talking they didn’t notice that the demolition man had knocked down the house they were building.

“Mama mia!!” shouted Pablo.

They ran in the direction of the house…