Oreo’s Crazy Adventure

Convent Primary School, Killaloe, 4th & 5th Class, Fighting Words Limerick, 25th November 2021

There was a man called Oreo Bro in Aldi shopping for Oreo.

He loves biscuits so much that he wants to be an Oreo biscuit himself. Oreo Bro's best friend is Joey and he is a 5 year old smart banana.

Oreo Bro lives in a nursing home which he hates and wants to escape from. Oreo Bro asks his best friend Joey

‘Do you want to escape the nursing home with me?’

Joey says ‘yes’ and they decide to go to Aldi and buy 10 shopping bags of Oreos to build a house which they are going to live in.

Oreo Bro and Joey go to build the house, but it's very sunny, so the house melts while they are in it. 

Oreo is frightened he will become a milkshake if he stays in the melted house, so he puts his foot down and says ‘that's it, we are going to Antarctica!’

But then he realises if he goes to Antartica that he will freeze and he will never become an Oreo biscuit himself.

Oreo Bro decides to visit the Oreo Wizard to ask about becoming an Oreo biscuit…