One Pig, One Genie, One wish

Pope John Paul II NS, 6th Class, 18/03/10
Hello, I’m Zyzzbalubah and I’m a pig. This is my story about how I tried to get to Broadway.

It started when I found a genie. Her name was Kambutrif. I found her lamp on my farm in Pakistan.

I was sleeping in the barn one night and it was really cold and I had a piece of chocolate.

They gave me chocolate to fatten me up for the holidays. I was kind of worried about the holidays so I took a walk.

When I got back from the walk my blankie was gone. The Butcher’s apron was hanging from the ceiling.

The Butcher must have taken it. I looked up and saw a hole in the roof where The Butcher had crashed through.

The Butcher had a big black moustache and was bald. He was round shaped with a white apron with grease stains and he had an insane look in his eyes.

I saw my blankie stuffed in the corner, I lifted it up and there was the lamp.

The Butcher started to chase me.

I ate the lamp –yummy - and ran out the door quickly.

While I was running I coughed the lamp up whole and rubbed it to make a wish.

The genie popped out after I rubbed it and I hid behind a hay stack.

The genie said “Your wish is my command.”

I said “I wish to be somewhere else.”