Oh No! Sunlight!

St Mary's National School Fairview 5th Class, 19th March 2009
Once upon a cranky time, there was a cranky man who lived in a cranky village. 

His name was Crankus. Crankus lived in a house, a dark house.

He lived with his best friend, Squeekus, the mouse. 

Squeekus the mouse lived in the basement. 

Crankus’ curtains were always closed because he was afraid of sunlight.

His cranky old wife divorced him because he never took her out in the burning hot sun for picnics.

Once, Squeekus was playing behind the curtains and by accident he pulled the curtains over. Sunlight beamed into the room.

Crankus screamed, “Oh no! Sunlight!”

He grabbed Squeekus and as he was running out of the room, he tripped over a chair and Squeekus went flying out of his hand.....