Nutty and Rex's Adventure

St. Fergal’s, NS, Bray, 3rd Class, County Wicklow, 30 January 2019

On a Tuesday under a tree sat Nutty and Rex. All of a sudden, Nutty ran up the ginormous tree.

Nutty was so huge, he could only climb ginormous trees. Nutty says “Come catch me!”

“But I can’t climb!” replied Rex “Instead of playing chase, let’s go find this magic key you keep talking about”

“Yes, let’s do that!” said Nutty

Rex says “There’s a massive boat down at the shore. Let’s use that!”

They set sail in the direction of India. Things were going well, until halfway through the Atlantic they ran out of fuel!

There was nothing around them except for ocean, ocean, ocean.

Rex picks up their walky-talky, but they were too far away from the city to get a signal, so the scorpions answered instead.

“Oops, I think I’ve made a mistake, wrong number!” said Rex

The scorpions replied “We’re coming for you!”