Nuts and Hammy and their great adventures

St. Fiachras JNS 2nd class 23rd March 2011
One day Nuts the Unicorn, who eats butterflies, was in the forest trying to climb trees.

Every time he got to the top he fell off (he’s not very good at climbing trees).

He got bored and started to brainstorm about forming a band. So he called his friend Hammy. “Where are you Hammy? I’m looking for you all over the place. Want to join my band?”

“Yeah, I’d love to join your band. It’s well fun!” said Hammy. “But there’s a problem. I’m lost in the desert.”

“Whaat? What are you doing in the desert?”

“I got kidnapped by eagles and now I’m stuck in their nest. There’s a bit of a problem – there’s a couple of cacti blocking the way,” said Hammy.

Nuts asked if he could borrow the motorbike and Elton John said yes.

He was so excited about rescuing Hammy that he didn’t hear when Hammy said the word cactus. He was so anxious to save his friend.    

But his biggest fear was the evil Doctor Cacti. The doctor had one red eye and the other one was missing. He had blue needles out of his mouth and red needles on his tongue and he was chunky.

Doctor Cacti had paid the eagles to capture Hammy and take him away from Nuts. He wanted to lead them into a trap so they couldn’t form a band better than his band, which was called The Red-Eyed Cactus.

Nuts arrived at the desert. He saw sand over there. He saw evil Doctor Cacti waiting for him. He was frightened and wanted to run away. He turned round and saw the doctor holding Hammy in his spiky hand.

Hammy was saying, “Ow ow ow!”…