A Nose Job Gone Wrong

St Paul's Senior National School, 6th Class
It was 1996 in a town called Evil Bubbleworld. Mr Bobalobaloo, the evil scientist, was having his annual bath in evil, bubbly water.

Then his best friend, Bucktooth Bobby, rudely walked in and threw a sandwich in his eye.

“Ungrateful rabbit! You little hairless rat!” shouted Mr Bobalobaloo.

The rabbit ran to the shop, got shampoo and poured it all over him.

“It buuuurns!” said Mr Bobalobaloo.

The rabbit said, “I did that as a bit of revenge. I want to discuss taking over the world.” The rabbit just wanted to mess with Mr Bobalobaloo’s head, so he would get mad and create more potions in his evil science lab.

“I’m getting a nose job at three o’clock on Tuesday, so I can look like Britney Spears,” said Mr Bobalobaloo. “Clean up the lab.”

“It’s full of toenail clippings, evil potions, and smelly stuff,” said Bucktooth Bobby. “And evil toe fungus.”

 “Mwah ha ha ha haaaa!” laughed Mr Bobalobaloo, with his angry, sheep-like laugh. “Go get me a fresh sandwich, the same kind you threw at me and finish cleaning up the lab.” 

When Mr Bobalobaloo was a baby, Daddy Bobalobaloo loved country music, and played it non-stop and burst his eardrums. Ever since, Mr Bobalobaloo had been having nightmares about The Dubliners chasing him around.

He got on the bus and country music came on. He got off the bus, and he could hear country music playing in a car. Bucktooth Bobby was wanted by the Mayor of Evil Bubbleworld, so he was disguised as a baby.

They got into the lift and Britney Spears was in it, singing country music. She said, “Oh, I love your baby!”

And the rabbit said, “I’m not a baby!” and bit her extensions out. She ran off screaming at the next floor. It was going to happen to her sooner or later.