The Nightmare Before Space

Our Lady Immaculate Senior School, 5th class, 9th June 2021

Once upon a mime Poyo woke up and noticed he was sleeping on Candice the Pillow. 

He shouted: “Sorry! Why am I on you?”

Candice the Pillow said: “It’s okay, just don’t let it happen again!” 

Then, Poyo’s mam got a phone call from NASA saying that Poyo was able to go to space and that he could bring his best friend.

Poyo’s dad had been a famous astronaut.  

Poyo lived in the Amazon. He rushed out the door with his friend Candice into the Amazon.

He got a bowl and ate his star-ship cereal.

Then he went to NASA with his space-ship bed. 

On the way to NASA, Poyo got attacked by a whole gang of snakes. The snakes took him to the basement of NASA.

Poyo saw tonnes of spaceships in the basement and was amazed. Then he looked out a separate window and saw a family of chickens.

The chickens were putting bombs in their eggs and flinging them in through the window. Poyo screamed for dear life...