Nigel's Nonsense

Cloghroe N.S. County Cork, 6th Class 18 January 2019

Nigel is a 70-year-old man and he has been in hospital after he got knocked out in a boxing match by his 'friend' Isaac.

Nigel woke up to his cow, Bessie, licking his face.

He gets a fright because Bessie is there and he's afraid of cows now.

When he got up, he found a load of cows in his kitchen rooting through his cupboards and they ate all the food so he had to go to the shop, but the shop closed down while he was in a coma.

When he was at the shop, he met the friendthat knocked him out, causing  him to be in a coma.

 Isaac wanted to apologize and he asked if Nigel wanted to come over for tea at his house.

Then when they were talking Isaac asks him “do you have any plans for the dairy farm?” because he wants to find out for his own benefit.

Nigel says that he's not too sure about the farm now because he's afraid of cows now.

After he was done drinking tea and eating scrumptious biscuits, he went home and discovered that his cow was gone…