Nathan's Negative Nightmare: the beginning of a new evolution

Culture Night County Cork 21 September 2018

One stormy night. Cold was the night.  In a small little village, in a small little street in a small little orphanage, in a small little kid there was a big imagination and a big dream.

Suddenly there was a big earthquake.  He was having a dream.  The earthquake was happening outside of his body and it sent him into his nightmare.

The first thing that came to his sight was a cat.  A talking cat.  An evil cat.

“Come 'er small boy with a big imagination.  My name is Alphie” he said in a squeaky creepy voice.

“You are about to embark on a great and strange adventure that will change your life forever....”

The cat was the leader of a secret society. He poofed into thin air 

And then Nathan woke up...