Mr. Pizza Man and the Unicorn problem

​WETNS, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 5th April 2017

Once upon a time Mr. Pizza Man was in the Chipper.

He went to the toilet and he brought his special toilet paper with him.

When Mr. Pizza Man left the Chipper he went with his friend, Candy Dog, to his house to eat candy and chips.  

Just then a troll, riding on a unicorn, came into Mr. Pizza Man’s house and shot the special toilet paper with a marshmallow gun. 

“Oh no, I don’t like unicorns, I have to leave this place  - DRIVE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!”  Mr. Pizza Man shouted! 

While they drove away and the troll was chasing them, Mr. Pizza Man threw the toilet paper out of the car. 

The toilet paper hit the troll who fell off the unicorn. 

The toilet paper turned into a big mech and a lazer beam shot out…