Mr. Pickles Pickle Problem

St Vincent de Paul Girls National School Marino, 2nd Class, 16 October 2019

One day Mr Pickle Man went to the shop to buy some pickles - but the stock was empty!

Mr Pickle Man told the shopkeeper to get him more. He shouted, “Give me that pickle, you pickle taker!”

Mr Pickle Man went home and screamed at the wall. He looked to see if there were more pickles in his fridge. There were no pickles left, so he cried.

Mr Pickle Man sat down and rubbed his friend Catapickles. Then he shouted to his mam, “There’s barely any pickles left in the world!”

Mr Pickle Man got out his book and found a recipe for blue pickles.

He didn’t have all the ingredients.

His friend, Catapickles did have all the ingredients but he would have to poop them out. Mr Pickle Man said “No, thank you!”

He went back to the shop to get the ingredients.

Mr Pickle Man went to the shopkeeper and sobbed, “Give me all the blue pickle ingredients you have.”

But when the shopkeeper gave him the ingredients, it was only enough for five blue pickles.

The shopkeeper handed him the ingredients but but Mr Pickle Man dropped them and they broke!

Mr Pickle Man saw a jar of pickles, paid for it and brought them home. He tried to open it and cried, “This is impossible...”