Mr. Mush and His Friends

Holywell Educate Together National School, Swords, 3rd Class, 21 November 2018

Once upon a time, there was Mr Mush, who loved  moustaches.

One day, he saw Mr Chicken Pop-Pop on the road.

 Mr Chicken Pop-Pop was about to get run over by a car.

Mr Mush took out his moustache sword and sliced the car in half!

Later, Mr Mush met with a magical unicorn who sneezed candy.

He said, “Let me eat that candy that rained out of the sky.”

The unicorn flew up to the roof and Mr Mush flew up to save him. 

Then he didn’t save him because he saw the unicorn didn’t need help.

Both Mr Mush and the unicorn realised that Mr Chicken Pop-Pop was sad because Mr Mush was going to have the unicorn that sneezed candy. 

Mr Chicken Pop-Pop was very sad because the unicorn left him.

When Mr Mush saw that Mr Chicken Pop-Pop was sad, he quickly went onto eBay and bought something that was on sale.

Meanwhile, evil Mr. Scissors wanted to come and steal his moustache…