Mr McConkey and the Two Puppies

Holy Child GNS, Larkhill. 2nd Class
One day Happy Puppy was walking with his best friend, Lovey Puppy.

They liked each other and they wanted to play. 

After they had been playing for a while, they were tired and they went to lie down and look at the clouds. 

Happy Puppy said to Lovey Puppy, “I want to be a disco puppy.” 


They decided to go to the disco to practise their dancing.  They met some girl puppies and started dancing with them.

Mr McConkey walked into the disco and stopped them.  

He said, “Stop dancing! I don’t like it when people have fun!”

Lovey Puppy said, “I’m not listening to you, Mr McConkey.” 

The two puppies made faces at Mr McConkey and went back to dancing. 

Mr McConkey got angrier because they ignored him. 

“I said stop dancing!” he shouted…