Mr Kip-eye’s Verruca Love Date

St.Laurence O’Toole’s GNS,3rd and 4th Class, 5th September 2012

Once upon a time there was a lizard called Mr Kip-eye, with razor teeth.  Everyone used to call him ”VERRUCA FOOT.”

He was always trying to get rid of his veruca. He was always trying to burn it off.

Mr. Kip-eye was dreaming of meeting someone. One day, there she was.

She was gleaming.  She was so beautiful, she was sparkling!  Her name was Miss Sparkle Pants and she was a pink luminous cheetah.

Mr Kip-eye was dreaming of going out on a date with Miss Sparkle Pants and the day finally came.

They went to an animal Chinese restaurant and they started talking about a wedding.
“Do you want to see how the next date works out?” asked Mr Kip-eye.  He was feeling happy and shaky and nervous.

“Do you want to go swimming on our next date?” asked the cheetah.

The lizard started stuttering and was sweating like a chicken on a barbecue. He replied, “Eh, eh....I have to go to the restroom.”  

He was afarid that she would see his VERRUCA........!