Mr. Crab the Superhero and his Best Friend, Skippy

St. Patrick’s JNS, Corduff, 2nd class, 16th June 2021

Mr. Crab went to visit his best friend. He went to the beach to visit Skippy the Dolphin.

Mr. Crab saw big rocks and Skippy got trapped on them. 

Mr. Crab went to help his best friend. He ran around the rocks to try and get her out. 

“Oh, no!” said Mr. Crab. “I’ll try and get you out!”

Mr. Crab climbed up on a rock and then he got stuck.

A shark knocked Mr. Crab onto the sand with his teeth. 

Mr. Crab then ate coral that he found on the beach.

But he didn’t know that the coral gave him superpowers. 

Skippy was drowning but Mr. Crab came to save the day.

But the shark found weird seaweed and ate it. He turned into the Megalodon.

What will Mr. Crab do next…?