Molly’s Adventure

Reált na Mara Girls National School Mornington, Co. Meath, 4th Class, 12 February 2019

Once upon a time, there was a cow that oinked. Her name was Molly.

She was dreaming that she was jumping from cloud to cloud to China.

Molly wanted to go to China so much because she loved the food, especially orange chicken.

When Molly wakes up, she wants to go to China.

Molly then tells her best friend, Olivia the tiny, tiny, tiny turtle, about her dream.

“That’s a crazy dream!” said Olivia.

“I wonder what your dream is?” asked Molly.

Olivia the tiny, tiny, tiny turtle replied, “There’s a hungry tribe of pigs in China waiting for a leader.”

Molly goes to her other friends to see if they want to come along. But they don’t want to come.

So, Molly makes a friend who will come with her. Molly decides to go into a lab and start making this new friend.

She finished, but it went terribly wrong. The duck, Billy, wouldn’t stop rapping!

But the rapping duck Billy did have a good idea.

He could not stop rapping about a potion that Molly could use to get to China.

“A little bit of blue

and a little bit of red

this is how to make a potion

just spill it on your head!”

rapped Billy the duck.

Molly went out to try to find “a little bit of blue and a little bit of red” but Olivia the tiny, tiny, tiny turtle tried to stop her.

“I warn you, there’s gonna be a big storm…”

Now, dear reader, if you are a strong reader, keep going. If not, maybe put the book down now…