Molly the monkey and Gerry the Giraffe Go On An Adventure in the Jungle

Scoil Mhuire Agus Eoin, 3rd Class, Cork

Once there was a monkey all alone in the jungle and the monkey's name was Molly.

Then one day a giraffe came to the jumgle. His name was Gerry.

Gerry is really tall and his name is Gerry and he has lots of friends.

There is a lotto in the jungle and the monkey wins and they get unlimited bananas for life.

And they save the turtles too. Gerry the giraffe was so tall that he ate all the bananas and Molly the monkey got really sad.

One day Gerry saw a tiger and a lion coming into the jungle.

But then the lion and the tiger scared Molly the Monkey, but Gerry the Giraffe helped them and that's how they became best friends.

The lion and the tiger knocked all the banana trees, so they lost all the bananas...