Molly Flies Away

St Columba’s National School, Glasnevin​, 3rd Class, 11 March 2019

Once upon a time, there was a bird called Molly. She had a best friend called Polly the parrot.

Every night, Molly dreamed about coffee and had nightmares about bananas.

She also wanted another best friend who was a dragon.

Molly packed up a bag with no bananas and brought Polly with her on her adventure.

When she went outside, Molly saw someone eating a banana.

She was disgusted and cried, “Ewww!”

She flew to the person and said, “Don’t eat that banana!”

They responded, “But I like bananas.”

“Well, don’t eat it because I don’t like bananas!” Molly told him.

“Well, I like bananas so I will eat them if I want to.

By the way, my name is Weirdo the weirdo.

Is my banana the right way?” Weirdo said.

“It’s the wrong way,” Molly replied.

Weirdo the weirdo said under his breath, “Sassy-pants!”

“I heard that! I am going to a different country, so I am not going to see you again,” Molly said.

“By the way, I have a question. Do you have any coffee beans?”

“I do,” said Weirdo. “But I am not going to give them to you.”

This made Molly very angry…