Mitzey Faces Her Fear

St Peter’s National School, Dunboyne, Co Meath, 2nd & 3rd Class, 25th November 2019

It was Christmas Eve and Mitzey the kitten was asleep at home. She was dreaming about her wish to fly.

She was dreaming too much. Mitzey dreamt that she actually was flying.

Mitzey’s best friend, Jeff the baby dragon woke her up by jumping on her.

“Wake up!” said Jeff. “Let’s have fun!”

“Where am I?” said Mitzey. “I thought I was flying.”

“Of course you were not flying. You were just dreaming,” said Jeff.

Mitzey thought to herself, “I don’t want to tell Jeff about my greatest wish that I really want to fly.”

“I have great news!” said Jeff. “I have made a new friend called Yasmin the Unicorn.”

Mitzey said, “Can I see her?”

Jeff flew off to get Yasmin. Mitzey felt sad because Jeff had a new flying friend.

Mitzey thought, “I’ll have to pretend I can fly.”

Jeff came back to Mitzey’s house. “This is Yasmin,” he said.

“Cool,” said Mitzey. “Can she fly like me?”

Jeff said, “Can you actually fly...?”